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Akron Metro Buses Going Electric!

Akron Metro Buses are going electric! As of now they have six buses in rotation. The new buses will save money and gas for Summit County’s Metro Station. As of now these buses will kot replace bus drivers. Check out the full report below.

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) – Akron METRO RTA is ready for the future. 

They have rolled out brand new electronic buses to add to their fleet.

“I like it because it’s smooth and quiet,” said Alicia Fitzgerald, an Akron METRO RTA bus driver.

New buses now offer a sense of peace while riding through the hustle and bustle of the city.

“We have over 2,000 solar panels here on our roof and all we need is a sunny day. That electricity that’s generating goes right back into the bus and it costs us zero dollars,” said Molly Becker, with Akron METRO RTA.

These electric buses last for about 150 miles before they have to hit the charger station again for two hours. 

It’s an eco-friendly way of transportation, and not to mention, it’s cheaper.

“I don’t think we’ll go 100% electric. Right now we’re around 88% CNG. Within the next three to four years. we will have no more diesel buses in our fleet so we will be less reliant on that type of fuel,” said Becker.

Within the next two to three years, the plan is that METRO RTA will have at least six electric buses added to their fleet.

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