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Akron Stop Shooting Challenge

Akron Stop Shooting Challenge is the new trending hashtag on Facebook. Gun violence in our city is getting out of hand. The increase of deaths of children and women have started this new challenge. Families crying and grieving over lost loved ones. Prayers to all families affected by gun violence.

Mothers are laying their children to rest before they can reach their 18th birthday! Unfortunately some younger than that! Babies are being hit by stray bullets. Women are passing leaving their children & families behind. The citizens in our community are tired of it! Their tired of putting R.I.P in front of loved one’s names!

According to News Channel 5 a local news station in Akron…

“Thirty-three murders have been reported in Akron this year, matching the total for all of last year. Seven of the murder victims have been under the age of 19.Police Chief Kenneth Ball said the homicide rate is up 50% and calls for shots fired have jumped 25%.”

Different organizations and people have held marches, protest and fund raisers calling peace for our city. Justice for everyone in our city that has lost their lives to gun violence. One of the youngest children who passed was only six years old. As a whole I pray Akron comes together and remember it takes a village, we need to come together and rebuild our village. The horrible feeling of losing someone we care about is something we all know to well!

Prayers for Akron, God please remove this dark cloud from over us! Allow us to put the guns down! Protect our people and come together as a village again… Prayers for everyone who has lost someone, I truly pray God covers your family in your time of need.
To read Full reports on murder rate click the link

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reports on deaths: Channel 5 news

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