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Allow me to Re-introduce Myself!

Allow me to reintroduce Angela White better known ass Blac Chyna! Angela is being reborn again and finding God! Congratulations to her! She recently revealed she’s on a healing journey. She stop doing Only Fans. She removed her butt implants, facial injections, fake breast and removing her demon tattoo! She even got baptized and gave her life back to God! Won’t he do it!

Angela has been documenting everything. Giving fans a full insight on what’s happening. You may recall her mother Tokyo saying the illuminati had a hold on Chyna and fans called her crazy! But once she saw Angela getting her Baphoment tattoo removed she cried tears of joy! Sending love and prayers to Angela on her new journey. She looks very good with out all the enhancements!

Follow her Instagram for the more! Click the link to see the videos of her tattoo removal.

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