You are currently viewing Are you watching Wendy Williams Documentary!?

Are you watching Wendy Williams Documentary!?

Wendy Williams documentary has aired tonight on LifeTime. Are you watching? The “Hot Topics” star dirty laundry is being aired out! Wendy is known for telling everyone’s business and now her story is being told.

Wendy shares the details of her traumatic divorce. Her husband having a 16 year affair. Even so much as getting his mistress pregnant! Kevin and his mistress had a baby girl together. After 20 years of marriage it’s finally over! Wendy is FREE!

What did you all think of the documentary? Wendy has been in the industry over 20 years. Starting off at radio and now a talk show host of her own show. Wendy created a list of haters! Bring peoples personal business to “Hot Topics” is now the “Hot Topic!

Congratulations to Wendy for taking over he life! Loving herself and not allowing a man to manipulate her! Wendy opened up about being mentally, emotionally and physically abused. Evening Checking into a rehabilitation center.The “How you doing?” Star is back and better!

Enjoy life with your son. Have your show and live in your truth! Knowing your worth…

Photo credit: Wendy Williams Instagram and Google

Wendy has worked and interviewed the best of the best!

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