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Aww Floyd Mayweather is such a good PaPa

Aww Floyd Mayweather is such a good Papa. Floyd’s daughter Iyanna recently gave birth to a baby boy. She has yet to show him off but that’s okay we’ll wait.

If you keep up with the media outlets then you know there was rumors that Floyd was unhappy about the pregnancy, due to whom the father was. Now NBA young boy has not always had the best reputation. Not to mention the live where he disrespected Floyd while Ya ya sat in there.

Welp that’s all behind them now! Floyd Mayweather has embraced being a grandparent. Ya Ya shared pictures of him and baby Kentrell Jr at his photo shoot not long after he was born.

She recently posted on her Instagram story about their family trip! Packing for baby KJ and boarding their family jet. Papa Mayweather just brought KJ his first Rolex!

Their all in Miami Florida for the weekend.

Aww we’re so happy to see Floyd and Yaya in a good place. Baby’s can sure bring family’s back together. We can tell Floyd loves his grandson and daughter. Family is everything! No word on if him and Big Kentrell are on good terms but let’s pray in due time they will be.

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