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Aww G Herbo and his son Yosohn are so cute!

G Herbo and his handsome son Yosohn took some pictures today in front of their matching cars! Yosohn is the son of everyone’s favorite Instagram model Arianna better known as Ari.(the real Kyle sister on ig) Although the two are no longer together they seem to co parent well.

Yosohn is two years of age and has a head full of hair! Him and daddy G Herbo posted up with matching Lamborghinis! Rocking their iced out chains.

It’s so amazing to see active black fathers! People love to paint the picture that there’s a lack of black men who take care of their children especially after a break up. It’s nice to see a black men still being involved in his child’s life! Father’s matter and these two are cute with their different poses.

Yosohn is full of life! Every time his parents post him he’s always smiling and playing with his toys. He’s for sure spoiled by both parents! And that’s okay! As parents that’s what we work for, to provide our children with a better life and their doing just that!

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