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Tae and Ari plus gang takes Aspen trip!

Fine lady’s only should be the name of Tae’s the hair stylist Aspen trip! Tae and a group of friends went to Aspen this week. Of course the lady’s are working! Doing photo shoots, promo videos, hair and make up!

Tae and the lady’s seem to be having a ball! Their keeping fans updated via Instagram. Posting on their stories, going live a d posting on their page.

Of course Ari is one of the beautiful thick lady’s on the trip! Posting up with her mew makeup artists who’s been getting mixed reviews. Some like her makeup some don’t. Her eyebrows are a tad bit longer and not as full. Still beautiful though!

It’s a whole lot of liquor, ass shaking and good vibes! Their story was lit last night. Lol drunks ain’t shit! They look to be having a ball, he need to invite me next time!

Tons of play fighting as well. Lol Ari was fighting fully dressed in the hot tub. Honey its so many beautiful women I can’t keep up! Their beautiful and ass is fat! The photo shot was fire of course. All their hair slayed by Tae of course!

Check out more pictures below and go watch their instagram stories before it’s deleted!

Cute as fuck! They lady’s did an outside shoot and a Christmas theme photo shoot. Can’t forget the fury two piece sets! And their “walk” video.

Their having so much fun! I should be there! Next year I’m getting invited…. Period!

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