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Baddies East goes to Jamaica!

Baddies East aired tonight and the lady’s went to Jamaica! Now fans have been waiting a week for this episode to air. Last week it got crazy at dinner. Biggie almost threw a chair at ET. Words and fist was exchanged and they were kicked out of the restaurant. This drama between Biggie and ET seems to never end. The lady’s arrived in Jamaica and went to separate homes.

Natalie had the lady’s meet up to go shopping at a local marketplace on the island. Things were going great the lady’s were having drinks on their way to their destination and Smiley got to drunk! She couldn’t even walk off the bus! Sky was one of the main people trying to assist Smiley and sober her up.

Fans in the comments under Zeus’s Instagram speculate if Smiley was faking or not! Some even suggest she may have been under the influence of a substance and not just liquor. Smiley had a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. Natalie and other cast members question if she was serious or faking. She seemed fine on the bus Turing up having fun.

She posted the clip to Instagram stating it hurt her to watch herself in that manner. Do you think Zeus was wrong for recording her like that? I know she signed up to be filmed but at a certain point do you think they should have cut the cameras?

The episode ended with Natalie cussing Smiley out and accusing her of faking her seizure. Natalie also got into with her “friend” Scotty! Take a look at the clip below and tell me what you think. Was Smiley faking? In the ending clip of tonight’s episode Rollie and Suki got into a physical altercation! We’ll have to wait until next week to see why. What’s your thoughts on Smiley? Was she faking?

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