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Baddies East Royal Rumble!!!

Baddies East Royal Rumble between Tesehki (Chrisean sister) VS Marsh and Jay (Chrisean BFFs). Okay if you watched last week’s episode you recall Tesehki claimed she was jumped by Chrisean BFFs after their club appearance, although cameras didn’t catch the actual altercation. We know she was pissed and wanted to get one on one rounds with each friend.

Tesehki got her LICK BACK and left Marsh with a knot! Honey Chrisean said before the fight she hope they had mace, because she know her sister can fight! Tesehki ATE both her friends tf up! Mariahlyn also jumped in to help Tesehki. Even though she didn’t need help.

Their family beef is deep! Check out the clip from last night’s episode where Tesehki got her one on one with each Best friend.

The rumble didn’t stop there! Woah Vicky started to yell “Jesus loves y’all” Right after the fight. Chrisean was already pissed off and was arguing with her sister Tesehki. Unfortunately Jay ran up on Woah Vicky! According to Sky Woah Vicky was fighting back! Watch the clip below and let me know your thoughts. Full episodes can be seen on Zeus APP. Episode are every Sunday night.

Watch each clip and comment below who’s your favorite Baddie so far?? What’s your thoughts on the fights? According to Zeus Woah Vicky decided to leave the show and stop answering their calls. Woah Vicky was under the impression she wouldn’t have to fight this season. Which is kinda crazy! The show is called baddies! Maybe Vicky should go to Bible school instead. Lol

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