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BET Awards 2023 Re-cap

BET was lit! Last night BET face Black Entertainment Television our way! This was their 50th anniversary and it was a night to remember. Stars who’s never been allowed to the award show bans out lifted. Chief Keef was banned about 10 years ago and last night he got to perform “Love Sosa” live on stage.

Everyone in the black entertainment business was in the building. Congratulations to everyone who won and the nominees. The show was amazing. Great performances from Coi Laray, Co Co Jone, Bustard Rhymes, Latto and many more. The coward was so excited to see the Migos reunited on stage to pay a tribute to Take-Off. Check out some of the winner’s below.

Congratulations! It was a award show to remember! Boosie was even at the awards! For years the previous owner didn’t include him even though his music help shape the Hip Hop Culture. Whelp this year Tyler Perry made sure everyone was invited! And they look like they had a ghetto black fabulous time!!

I love to see it the celebration of the Hip Hop Culture. Next year I’m praying I’ll be there doing interviews and presenting awards! Thanks God in advance! Check out more looks from last night below.

How do you think the celebrities looks so far? Hot or Not?

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