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Beyoncé Performance ReCap!

Beyoncé recently performed for the first time in five years. Beyoncé performed at the grand opening of Atlantis the Royal hotel on 21 January, and had invited select guests to “a weekend where your dreams become your destination”. The beautiful Bey was paid $24 Million for her Dubai concert. They had a stick no phone policy but videos leaked of her performance.

Bey performance lasted a hour and she even performed Brown Skin Girl along side her oldest daughter Blue Ivy.

Unfortunately Bey did receive backlash from the performance. Dubai has very strict same sex laws and some of her LGBT plus community was unhappy. Especially since I’m the past she’s shown much love to the LGBT community. Do you think Bey was wrong? Jason Lee chimes in and said he’s been six times to Dubai with no problem and still supports Beyoncé.

Check out more pictures below of her performance!

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