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Big Indo a star on the raise!

Big Indo is working her ass off! She’s coming for everything she deserves in 2023! She recently did an interview with Iheart Radio. She’s doing multiple shows and just released new music.

Her new visual for her song Mafia is out now on YouTube. I first saw Indo perform at the Ohio Entertainment Awards. Her energy was incredible. Her style was impressive. Her dancers are flawless. They always have a dope routine and looks great. She’s beautiful, genuine and very talented. She also won Best Female Artist at The Ohio Entertainment Awards.

Sending many blessings her way. I know she’s a star on the raise. She has the drive and determination to be great. Hopefully she’s come interview with me on season two of my show. I see big shit popping off for her this year! Follow her on Instagram to stay updated on shows, interviews and more.

Instagram: big_indO

Check out her new video below and the recap of her interview.

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