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Billboard Released Top 10 Hottest Female Artist!

Billboard just released their Top 10 Hottest Female Artist! Congratulations lady’s! Y’all been killing the music charts. Nicki Minaj was number one! Sexy Red landed number two spot! Megan the stallion number three, do you agree with the list?

Nicki Minaj recently SOLD OUT her USA tour! Every city she visited in the United States has been sold out! Congrats! The Gag City Tour has had all the Barbz out pretty in pink! She’s now touring in Europe! Nicki Minaj has proven over again why she’s one of the best in the industry. From her consistent performances, songs making the charts. Nicki has always had a very creative vision. Never boxing herself in. From hair, the lyrics and fashion she’s literally the Pink Print!

Sexy Red has been working her ass off! Sexy has always been unapologetically herself! Not caring what others had to think about her. She has multiple hit records with top artists such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, Chef Keefe and many more! Sexy was pregnant still performing. She filmed a whole music video after giving birth to her baby. Not only that she went right back to the studio to drop another mixtape and has been performing worldwide! Get it Sexy!!!! She deserves recognition, as a mom you know how hard child labor can be and how difficult pregnancy can be as well. Sexy has been working hard and deserves all her blessings.

The head Hottie Megan Thee Stallion made number three! Go Meg! She’s currently on her Hot Girl tour and she bringing all the hottest women artists on stage with her! Megan has been killing her performances and she brought GloRilla on tour along with Latto, Cardi B and Flo Milli. Looking great while living her best life. Megan has been in the game for a while and has earned her respect in the industry. Hit songs with Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and many more. Keep working boo!

Doja Cat made number four on the list. She has a hit record Agoura Hills out right now! The sound is currently trending on Tik Tok as well. Doja had multiple hits songs on the chart such as Paint the Town Red, Demon, Rules and more. Doja has always never gave a fuck! She lives by her own rules. She does what she wants and doesn’t care what others think about her.

Ice Spice came in at number five. No shade but I think she should have been last. Lyrically I don’t think she’s better than the women who came after her on the list. She’s a hard working artist and has a big fan base and a hit song with Nicki Minaj. So I’m giving credit where it’s due but that’s my opinion.

Big Glo landed the number six spot on the Billboard charts! And she deserves it! GloRilla popped out with a hit song Fuck N*gg* Free (FNF) and hasn’t stop working since! She signed her deal went on multiple tours and released two studio albums. Glo has alway inspired people to never give up on your goals. Working hard, having great people around you makes a difference. Glo and her whole team she started with are now in better positions and still loving and support each other. Glo is really a girls girls. Clapping for others while working towards her goals. She’s currently on tour with Megan Thee Stallion.

Cardi B should have been higher on the list in my opinion but she knows she inspires other artists. Cardi came into the industry being herself. She started on Love and Hip Hop being the viewed as the underdog who wouldn’t make it. But can’t bob stop Gods plan! Cardi was destined to be a superstar. Giving people who come from nothing make it in the world where everyone doubted them. Cardi has made multiple hits. And Invasion of Privacy. her album is still in rotation! She’s currently collaborating with other artists killing features. Making guest appearances on Megan tour and being a bomb ass mom. Congratulations Cardi keep stepping on their necks.

Latto has been in the game since she was a child and has make her stamp in the music industry. She can hold her own and lyrically she’s talented. Latto has been popping her shit for a long while and she’s been getting everything she deserves. Hard work has paid off for her. Hit songs with big name artists. She recently was a guest appearance on Megan’s tour as well.

Jt came in at the number nine spot on the list. Unfortunately the City Girls announced their break up. Fans kinda knew it was happening after JT released Side Ways and fans speculated that JT was talking about Yung Miami. The group is over but her solo career is thriving! Jt has three hit songs on the charts and recently has been on tour as well.

She’s battle rapping with her fans during her shows to see who knows her music best. Jt has been showing her fans so much love and being more active than she has been in the past. Jt has been working hard and had some delays in her Career but can’t nobody stop Gods Plan! Lyrically Jt has bars! She fashion style is Astro! She’s even model in high fashion runway shows! Congratulations!

Flo Milli came in at number ten! She has a hit song Lose me and it’s a trending sound on Tik Tok ! She recently made an appearance on Megan tour too! I told y’all Megan’s bring the hotties out! Congratulations lady’s on all your hard work. Keep killing the game, popping your shit and being you! Check out pictures of the artist below. Do you agree with the list?

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