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Black Excellence Highlight of the week

This week’s highlighted Black Excellence goes to a group of black talented artists. I saw the event on Instagram and I had to go! My goal is to support more black owned businesses and go to new places to network. The event space was so beautiful and peaceful. The Zen room was such a vibe. The show case featured multiple talented black artists. The show was put together by Mr. Woods ( Instagram: @jaecapo)
His goal is to bridge the gap for Akron artists and provide a space to sell their art. All art work is available to purchase.

The vibe was amazing. The art work was breathe taking. He had complementary drinks for guest. The wine he had for the event was actually from a black owned wine company. Whole lotta black magic going on! I love to see other entrepreneurs support each other. The venue was always operated by a beatiful black queen.

Make sure you book with 1474 Art Inc Gallery. Her space is very peaceful and inviting. Clean and put together nicely. The area was nice. Tons of parking and they have a enclosed back patio as well.

The art work was amazing. Different piece’s telling story’s. Each piece was so mesmerizing. Everything was giving. The atmosphere was welcoming. Everyone mangling and enjoying the vibes. Some of the artist were there to explain the meaning behind their work. I had an amazing time. I genuinely enjoyed the show. I can’t wait until the next art show.

I was able to get the artists contact information;

J.King Woods Instagram: @Jaecapo

Art by Telle Instagram: @artbytell

Sylvia Sykes Instagram: @sylviapaints

Nick Woods Instagram: @nickywoods000

Mike Thompson Instagram: @wakingdreamscreations

Randi Mull Email:

1474 Art Inc Gallery

Follow them on Instagram if your interested in purchasing art work or need a venue for your event. Tell them sent you! Thank you to all the artists for sharing your visions. I loved everyones work. I actually follow Art By Tell on Facebook and I’m always amazed by her content. It was a pleasure to see her work in person.

Black Excellence in full effect! Keep creating and inspiring others! Check out more pictures below..

I Am Blessed

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