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Black Is Beautiful

Black is beautiful! Everything about black people stands out. I saw Ari post a new hair style, 80 inches of hair. She looks like Rapunzel. Tae her close friend and hairstylist were celebrating him being on the cover of Hyper Hair magazine! She of course was his model. Congratulations Tae! He is one of the best celebrity hairstylist!

Look how beautiful her inches are! If you’re blessed to be slayed by Tae you’re winning! He does it all.

The these two make the perfect team! They both complement each other very well. The chemistry they have together is genuine. You can tell their real friends and love to see each other win. Good vibes only.

Their photo shoot looked so hype!

Hype Hair magazine displays beautiful hairstylist on black people. Of course I trolled through their Instagram page and all I could think of is BLACK is BEAUTIFUL! I say that unapologetically! Check out their page!

This hair style stood out to me below!

This is a screenshot from her video! My screen shot game strong lol check out the video below. And remember support your friends… period

Photo credit: The real Kyle sister (Ari) on Instagram and Hype Hair Magazine… thanks

Congratulations again!

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