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Black Love Is So Beautiful

Teyana Taylor’s Relationship With Her Husband, Iman Shumpert is beautiful. The two blessed the cover of Ebony Magazine along side their beautiful daughters. The two have been dating since 2014. By 2016 the two were married! Their marriage became public during a 2016 interview on The Wendy Williams Show, Taylor surprisingly called Shumpert her husband, revealing that the couple had, in fact, tied the knot secretly earlier that year. 

In their six-year-long marriage, Taylor and Shumpert have welcomed two beautiful daughters, Iman Tayla “Junie” Shumpert Jr, born in December 2015, and Rue Rose Shumpert, whom they welcomed on September 8, 2020. If you follow the couple on social media you know Junie is “that girl”! Lil momma’s personality is everything. Shes full of life and confidence! Her cat walk or model walk is already on point. Her facial expressions are everything! Shes a natural like her loving mother.

Rue is beautiful. So innocent and sweet. Following after her sister shes full of life and shy at times. Their lovely family graced the cover of Ebony. The vibrational family talked about balance, careers and keeping their family first. Love, whats next them and more!

Youll have to buy Ebony Magazine to get the full details! Love, happiness and family. Teyana Taylor was voted one of the sexiest women. She’s phenomenal. Did you know she delivered Junie on the bathroom floor at home?, with the assistance of her loving husband. If you listen to her music she speaks freely about the whole life changing experience.

These two display a wonderful picture of The Black Family. They show that black love is alive and well. Its possible for the black man and black woman to LOVE each other. The world always displays a BROKEN family when it comes to black couples. Think about how media seems to always show a black mother ALONE and the father not present for whatever reason. They do this to keep up the stereotype of the BROKEN black family. I could get deep but you get the picture! Black love is ALIVE and Ebony is showcasing it phenomenally….

A handsome Black King Loving his wife loud and proud! Allowing Teyana to walk in her full feminine aura. Love is beautiful when you find someone willing and patient. Love and blessings.

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