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Blue Face meets his baby boy Chrisean Jr for 1st time

Aww we knew this day would come. Blueface got to meet his baby boy Chrisean Malone Jr. The two was sleeping peacefully in bed. The pictures was posted to Chrisean Jr Instagram page.

Although this was a happy moment it kissed his first baby momma Jaidyn Alexis off! According to Blueface she thought he wasn’t gone to be a father to his child with Chrisean. SMH I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I literally called it! She wanted Blue to say fuck that baby and take care of hers. Jaidyn went on a Twitter rant calling him a dead beat and saying she’s not signed to his label anymore.

According to Blue Face he just wants to raise his children without all the drama. He takes responsibility for his role in the situation but wants to be a father to his children. What’s your thoughts? Fans seem to be mad at Chrisean for allowing him back around but what did y’all expect? Did y’all want her to keep their child away from him?

comment below and tell me what you think. Another video shows Chrisean singing a “contract” to his label. The “contract” wasn’t typed out just the name of the company on a scrap paper. I guess she’s not done learning her lesson. Hopefully she keeps control over her money! I know how toxic bd/bm relationship work so I don’t judge, I just pray she use her mind and don’t be a fool in love….

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