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BMF will be returning March 1st

The wait is over! BMF will be returning March 1,2024 for a new season! The last episode we saw Big Meech and Terry was splitting up. Meech was making his move to Atlanta. B-Mickie was confronted for snitching and they told him he wasn’t family anymore.

Their arch enemy LaMar was turned into a crack head! He would not give up on trying to kill Meech. He also killed Meech BM Monique! When her plan to set him up went wrong. Monique’s character played by the beautiful Kash Doll. So as revenge they had his cousin set him up to do crack. It was getting good! Now they two are taking on different city’s with a new crew and more drama. Will you be watching?

some new celebrities will be joining the cast as well. Lil Baby, Neo, and Two Chains to name a few. This seasons trailer looks very interesting. Full of action, drama, sex, love and drugs. BMF will keep fans wanting more. This season we’ll of their father can win their mother back or did she move on.

check out the trailer below and let me know what you think.

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