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Bobby Shmurda is a free man!

Bobby Shmurda is a free man! Bobby was welcomed home by his family and close friends. Quavo was one of the first people to greet Bobby.

Unfortunately Booby had to serve six years in maximum prison. Bobby commended Quave for being a loyal friend. He thanked his family, and team for keeping his name alive. Bobby’s team rebuild his instagram platform after his account was hacked. He had a big thank you to fans whom supported him as well.

Many artists are glad he’s back on the music scene. I hear he has music with the late rapper Pop Smoke, Kodak, Meek mills and more! Bobby caught a case allegedly based off some of his songs.

Him and a few other friends were indicted. Yet all men remained LOYAL. Bobby even took two additional years so his friends could serve less years!

Bobby did his time and didn’t rat! In the streets and industry that speaks volumes about a person’s character, especially living that lifestyle.
We’re happy your home! Bobby had a beautiful welcome home party. His family and friends showed up and showed out.

Welcome home! We wish you many blessings! Now drop some hot shit!

photo credit: Bobby’s hashtag on instagram, Kollege kid

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