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Boss Friends!

Omg what female wouldn’t want a Boss friend?! A women you can trust, who supports you and your goals. A best friend that loves you unconditionally even when it’s hard for you to love yourself! Well I came across a great story on the Shade Room of these two boss friends!

Two beautiful black queen’s supporting each other unconditionally! That’s so dope! Well here’s the story I came up with during my research…

Thurriaa (Instagram name) wanted to surprise her BFf Dopelike_mimi (Instagram name) for her 23rd birthday. So she through her a surprise birthday party and gifted her with thousands of dollars. ( they never said the amount) and Pink Roses with $100 bills wrapped around them!

I thought this was so amazing! Who wouldn’t want free money. Lol the two shared heartfelt messages on their Instagram post about one another. Something that stood out was Thurriaa mentioned how she never had to questions Mi Mia loyalty! Now days people who’s loyal behind your back is hard to find!

Happy birthday Mi Mi and I hope you enjoyed your day. I love seeing beautiful Black women love and genuinely be happy for each other!

Photo credit: Thurriaa Instagram

original story posted on The Shade Room

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