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Brains and Beauty!

Brains and Beauty with a extra side of hottie! The head hottie just shared pictures of her cap! Before Megan was a artist she was in college. And even though she’s been tours and killing award shows she never gave up! She would show videos of doing homework before the shows showing fans college still came first.

Megan’s hard work and determination has paid off! The time has now come. Megan told fans she’ll be taking graduation pictures tonight! She hasn’t posted any yet but I’ll keep everyone updated. Her cap is to cute! I wonder how her graduate will be. I know she can walk the stage but I believe people would go wild! Lol

Megan’s cap has silver and Burgundy diamonds with the caption “Real Hot Girl Shit”! Pop yo shit sis! Congratulations! She’ll be walking the stage soon and I know she’s proud of herself. Congratulations to all graduates! Never give up no matter the obstacles. Despite how long it takes. Even when your plans don’t go as you planned, stick to the goal.

Congratulations and many more blessings.

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