You are currently viewing Breaking News! Shot and car crash in Akron

Breaking News! Shot and car crash in Akron

Update: Praying for the family and friends Brandon Daniel. According to a news release from the Akron Police Department, Brandon Daniels, 38, was transported to an Akron hospital in critical condition Thursday night after being shot “at least two times” in his torso.  Investigators determined that Daniels was shot in the 900 block of Snyder Street and drove away before crashing into the pole. Detectives searched the area and recovered shell casings on Snyder Street. Investigators are still working to find a suspect and learn more about the shooting. (WKYC 3 News)

Original story: Prayers to the unidentified person who was shot on Akron’s West Side just a hour ago. According to police an unidentified person was shot at another location and attempted to drive away and hit a pole! Ambulance has rushed the person to the hospital. No word if the shot was life threatening. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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