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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion release New Music

The lady’s are back! Cardi B released new music with a visual featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Her new song is sexy, feisty and colorful. Bongos! Makes you feel beautiful and makes you want to move your hips. The bright color hair looks amazing on both lady’s. The vibe of the song is upbeat and sassy. The video is full of beautiful women on a beach looking amazing.

Cardi B recently did a interview with The Breakfast Club and said after she recorded the song she felt it was missing something. She wanted to add a feature and felt Megan would be great for the song.
The two haven’t created magic since their hit song WAP! Which is still on the music charts.and breaking records.

Click the link below and tell me what you think of the song…

Will this be a hit as well?

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Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion press play it’ll take you to YouTube

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