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Cardi B and OffSet and Family Grace the Cover of Essence Magazine

Cardi B and OffSet finally revealed officially pictures of their 7 month old son! He’s so handsome. He looks just like Kulture. Along with the exclusive reveal they also posted pictures from their family photoshoot for Essence Magazine!

Doesn’t he look like his big sister just the boy version? Love is in the air and family is everything. Cardi B and Offset have been married since 2018. The two share two children together but have a total of five. In past interviews Offset child’s mother spoke on how he improved as a father while being with Cardi. All their children are beautiful and handsome. The oldest daughter is serving face like a pro!

The couple will open up and their careers, love life, family and how they balance it all. I wonder if they speak on keeping their family together even when faced with difficult situations sent to break them. They both are very successful and recently landed a episode on the Baby Shark series! Kulture even had her very own charter and lines. They shared an adorable video of Kulture recording her lines.

Their family is beautiful. Offsets’s second son looks just like his twin. Their almost making the same face in the picture above. Essence Magazine displayed their family elegantly. The vintage yet modern clothing was a unique delivery.

Make sure you get Essence Magazine for the full story and pictures.

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