You are currently viewing Catrell Wells of Chicago charged with a felony as a predator!

Catrell Wells of Chicago charged with a felony as a predator!

With remote learning going on it’s hard for teachers to know what children maybe in danger even in their own homes. Thursday afternoon was a normal virtual school session until it was time for break. During a break the students are allowed to turn off their cameras and microphones.

Well during this break a teacher witness something she wasn’t expecting. Turning on her camera getting ready to tell students to rejoin their lesson. The 1st garde teacher witnessed her 7 year old female student with her pants down while on her knees. The child unfortunately was performing oral sex on her 18 year old cousin. This horrible event too place in Chicago, Cook County virtual class room at Bronzeville Academy.

She immediately went to the principals office to repost it. The princess then called the police and child protective services. The 18 year old is now in custody and had been denied bail. The young girl was took to get medical treatment, no word on if she was able to return home. Wells is charged with felony predatory crime.

Prayers to that young girl. I pray she gets the help she needs. Unfortunately with virtual learning we never know what children are in danger, hungry or being abused, and in this case this young girl was sexually assaulted.

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