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Check out The Kandy Shop!

I had the pleasure to visit The Kandy Shop in Akron Ohio. Brittney the CEO of Ear Kandy Radio has opened a natural herbal store. She has crystals, sage, crystal jewelry, and much more!

She has natural soaps, lip gloss and multiple different oils. The oils are very versatile and can be used on your body or hair. One particular oil I got is called “Mama’s Oil”. Hand made by Brit’s mom. Mamas Oil increases hair growth! It can be used on your body as well.

A hot seller at the Kandy Shop would be her Sea Moss and Sea Moss smoothies! She has a variety of flavors. The reviews on her Sea Moss is amazing.

Brittney recently introduced a new sculpting procedures. A NON surgical way to lose weight! You can get a butt lifts. Tummy sculpting and much more!

If your in the Akron area stop by! She also ships products as well.

I’m happy for her! I remember seeing the shop before she had it set up and she transformed the whole shop! Congratulations to my girl I’m proud of you! Many more blessing to come.

De’Shawn loves his crystals. And her packaging is unique. I love the bags.

Thank you! Make sure you check out The Kandy Shop for all your natural herbal needs.

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