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City Girls Are Outside!

It’s almost that season! City Girls are outside and getting ready to release new music. While working on their album the lady’s have been performing every where. They recently killed their show at the DreamVillefest.

It’s good to see them performing together again! Jt opened up in her interview with Angela Lee about her transition from jail to the halfway house. She explained she still was on restriction upon her release and couldn’t celebrate when she first got out. She’s completed the courts requirements. She took time for herself to readjust and enjoy being free. She also spent time with her man Lil Uzi, now she’s back!

Both lady’s have shown a tremendous amount of growth in their career. Their lyrics and flow have improved. They’re more confident when performing. Their energy while on stage keeps the fans in a daze. Jt and Yung Miami have set the tone for female artists. They’ve proven to be phenomenal artists that’s here to stay. The best part is the loyalty between the two women. They both have other endorsements but says the City Girls will not be splitting up no matter what the other has going on.

Along with performing the lady’s have been doing interviews. One goal for me is to interview them next! Lol I know it’s in Gods plan. Congratulations lady’s on your success. Everyone is excited to see what type of vibes their new album is bringing. According to them it’s scheduled to be released by summer. Are you ready for the Motherfucking City Girls!

Press play to watch highlights from their performance at DreamVillefest. (Above)

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