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City Girls on the Cover of Popsugar!

The City Girls are currently on tour, slaying shows, and killing interviews! Today they revealed the photos from their photoshoot with Popsugar; a media and news site. The City Girls did a interview and played a few games of Me or Her. The interviewer will ask a question and the ladies say who’s more likely complete the task.

During the interview the City Girls spoke about how they make song that all women can relate to. The City Girls spoke on life before and after Global fame. How their music celebrates and empowers women.

The City Girls reminds everyone not to give up on their goals even when faced with difficult obstacles. The City Girls touched on their personal life and relationships. The City Girls are open with fans about their personal testimonies in hopes to inspire others.

Check out more pictures below and visit Popsugar instagram for more content.

**Photos from Popsugar’s Instagram and Yung Miami and JT’s instagram.**

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