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Cleansing Akron Streets!

Last night I had the honor to capture a group of spiritual leaders who walked the streets of Akron, Ohio in a cleansing. The spiritual walk was organized by Dezzie Jay. Dezzie has been a activist for more than three years! She also is a natural healer. She has her own business that’s caters to healthy natural healing. Sage, Crystals, Yoni steams and so much more.

The spiritual walk was on Akron’s west side. It started at Delia and Crestview to Open pantry, a popular neighborhood store. Unfortunately many people have lost their lives right in front of that same store. Dezzie and her brujas, lightworkers, shadow workers, and healers lit 9in sage sticks, White candles and crystals to clean the streets.

The energy was so powerful last night! The sage smoke was so thick and you could smell it blocks away! The Black Brujas group was lead with the men in the front, the Women in the middle and a another king following. We walked right in the middle of Copley rd. Cars that passed by honked their horns as support while we walked the streets. The sage filled the air and the candles shined bright.

So many people passing were supportive! The energy was amazing. Some of us meeting in person for the first time with the same goal! To cleanse our streets. Unfortunately in Akron there’s been a lot of gun violence and innocent children have been killed! And that’s just within the last month!

Cleansing the streets and asking for protection of our loved ones. The group plans on doing another walk September 25th on Akron’s East side. We will walk and cleanse each side of town. For more information about the walk you can reach out to Dezzie via Facebook. EVERYONE welcome!

Once we reached Open pantry store, Dezzie lead everyone in prayer. Praying for protection over our loved ones and our streets. A lot of us have children and live directly in the neighborhoods with a high crime rate. As parents we just want our children to be able to go outside and play without being shot by stray bullets.

There’s a Memorial for the people we lost to gun violence on the side of O.P. We walked over and prayed for the ones we lost, praying their transition was smooth and that their at peace. Rest In Peace, Lil Will, Youself, Tj, D.B, Tyron, L3, Ct and everyone else we had lost due to this senseless violence. May you rest peacefully….

All 9inchs of sage was burnt by time we made it back down the street! The smoke was so thick and heavy. One lady was even draw to our group! She was a few blocks away and smelled the sage and was draw to us! It’s crazy how the Spirit works! We invite everyone to the next walk! And I thank all the lady’s who came out last night….

Photo credit: DeAnna Kay and Dezzie Facebook page…

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