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Congrats to Funny Marco, he has a new show on MTV

Funny Marco is a Harding work to say the least. He has a show on Revolt YouTube channel. He recently announced that he will now have a new show coming out on MTV. Funny Marco is a comedian known for his viral online pranks. He would dress up in oversized clothing prancing strangers and asking ridiculous questions.

He started to do celebrity prank interviews and he would ask the most outrageous questions. Pulling up dirty from their past. Questioning artist about their lyrics and if they are living what they rap about. Making serious situations into a joke. Marco has pranked Lil Boosie, GloRilla (before she got signed) Lil Duval, Momma Dee and many more. His dedication to be successful is paying off. I’m sure the road wasn’t easy but he never gave up! From filming random pranks with his team to elevating to the big screen. Congratulations and many more blessings.

Congratulations! I know I’ll be tuning in.

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