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Congratulations Ashanti and Nelly!

Congratulations to Ashanti and Nelly! They recently confirmed what fans already suspected! They’re having a baby and got engaged! Fans were speculating they two were expecting after she kept wearing oversized clothes.

They released a video saying she’ll need nine months to get ready. Lol The two dated back in 2003 for a few years and split for some years. Well the two rekindled after Nelly saw her at the versus battle with Ja Rule and Fat Joe. Nelly couldn’t help himself and walked across the stage in the middle of the set to speak to her!

Congratulations! I guess when it’s meant to be you can’t stop love. The two have been traveling and doing shows together. They both have been smiling extremely hard since they got back together. Sending love and blessings. This will be her first child and their first child together. Congratulations! Y’all team boy or girl?

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