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Congratulations Bronny James!

Congratulations Bronny James on being chosen to join the Lakers NBA team! Bronny will play alongside his father Lebron James!
The NBA reported

“LeBron James can become teammates next season with his oldest son, Bronny, a dreamy development made possible by many collective efforts.

First, the other 29 teams had to curb any urge to select Bronny in the 2024 NBA Draft presented by State Farm, and all did.

Second, the Los Angeles Lakers, his father’s team since 2018, had to make that choice at No. 55, which was the easiest decision of the entire draft.

Third, LeBron James needed to last 21 years in the league to make this possible, and he carried his end of the deal with amazing results.” (

Fourth, Bronny James had to play well enough to be worthy, which he did, as a lauded high school guard whose only college season was curtailed, to a degree, by a congenital heart defect.

The future regarding the father’s durability and his son’s ability will be determined soon enough. What is undeniable is this — LeBron James has the chance to share the same NBA court and uniform with his son and create a heartwarming moment, or several, for himself, his family and his fans.

They become the league’s first active father and son duo, which represents a celebratory achievement in several ways.” (

Congratulations! Bronny we can’t wait to see him and LeBron playing together.

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