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Congratulations Charlie!

Congratulations Charlie on graduating high school this year. Class of 2023. Most of us met Charlie when she was just a young girl on tv with her family. Charlie’s is beautiful, creative and she always had an mind of her own. We watched her go to school dances, and was there for her teenage years. Watching her grow into the intelligent young women she is today.

Today Charlie walked the stage! Congratulations and many blessings on your new journey. Over the years Charlie has overcame every obstacle put in her way. She’s a genuine, loving, and caring bright soul. She’s strong, outspoken and goes after what she wants. Never let anyone stop your shine. So proud of you. Tammy and Waka raised a lovely young lady.

Tammy also posted a beautiful picture of the two and how proud of a mother she made her today. Check out more pictures below.

Congratulations Charlie!

Pictures from Tammy/Charlie’s Instagram and Google

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