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Congratulations Eve and Maximillion!

Aww congratulations Eve and Max! The couple announced that their expecting a baby!

Congratulations! The two have been married since June 2014. They currently live in London. Maximillion (yes that’s his birth name) has four child from a previous relationship. From post via Instagram the couple and children are excited to have a new addition to their family.

Eve is known for her great music. Being the First Lady of Ruff Riders group with the Legendary DMX. Eve also has a new series that just aired called “Queens”.

Max is a very successful designer, art collector and the owner/ created of the Gumball 3000!

Both Max and Eve seem very happy and excited to finally be able to tell the world about their blessings. They didn’t reveal if their having a boy or girl but hopefully she’ll keep us updated.
Congratulations again and may you both have a healthy and beautiful baby.

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