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Congratulations Lakers!

Congratulations to the Lakers who won the championship game last night! LeBron James has done it again! Four MVPs, four championship on three different teams! He is the goat! On and off the court! Akron fans went crazy when LeBron gave his speech saying “ I want my respect” and giving a hung s/o to OUR home town Akron!

We are all so proud of LeBron and his success! He’s basically everyone cousin if your from Akron lol. Seriously though congratulations! LeBron is very respected in our city and we truly love him! He has done and is still doing so much for the city of Akron.

Every year he does a bike give away! Before COVID-19 all the children in his education programs got tickets to Cedar points Amusement and waterpark. Six tickets for the child and their family and her made sure they all ate while there! He even provided rides to families who couldn’t drive up to the park.

LeBron open his school for children! He remodeled a building near by and now offers housing for his students and families. He also helps parents get their GED as well! This man is amazing! You NEVER hear his name in any scandals! He’s a loving husband and father! If you dislike this man then your a hater! Period…

Congratulations again! I know he’s happy to finally be able to go home to his children and living wife. We all love and appreciate him so much! He truly gives us hope! Coming from Akron and making it out is a blessing! And since LeBron is so blessed he’s always blessing other!

He’s blessed and highly favored! That’s why he’ll always win in life! When God puts you in a position to give back and you give more than what’s expected he’ll always have your back! And the city of Akron will always have LeBron’s back as well. Now put some respect on his name! Akron we did it AGAIN!!!!

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