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Congratulations Lil Durk Won a Grammy!

Congratulations to The Voice “Lil Durk” he received the Grammy Award for Best Melodic Rap Performance for his single  All my life featuring J.Cole ! Durk has been Nominated four times for a Grammy Award prior to this. His beautiful fiancé India was look gorgeous right by his side. Durk wore a customize Louis Vuitton outfit.

“It was a task, a lot of bumps in the road, but I think that’s for everybody,” Durk told Billboard. “As long as you stay focused and get it together, you good.” (Lil Durk)

How do y’all like Durks look? Congratulations Durk! He’s had a phenomenal impact on the Hip Hop Culture for years now. He’s a good artist and trying to make a change in his hometown by giving back.

Congratulations and much more success. Lil Durk also announced via Instagram he’ll be joining Drake and J.Cole on tour!

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