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Congratulations LSU

Congratulations to the Louisiana State University women’s basketball team for winning the Championship game against Iowa State University. LSU with the winning score of 102 points with Iowa ending with 85 points.

Angel Reese (number 10) did receive some backlash from her actions against Caitlin Clark. Angel did the famous John Cena’s you can’t see me hand over her face to Caitlin after her team won. A few Sports anchor and mad Iowa fans took to social media to call Angel out on it. Calling her classless and lacks sportsmanship. Yet when Caitlin did it to her NOBODY called it classless. Angel admits she had a moment because she doesn’t like to be disrespected. Angel went on the tell the News Reports she did this for all the girls who look like her and doesn’t fit into the box Society tries to place them in.

Angel did express how she was called “Ghetto, to hood” and many other hurtful names this season. She’s proud she’s a champion and proven her haters WRONG. Angel has been stereotyped the whole season only to come out on top! Congratulations to Angel amd the whole LSU basketball team. Thank you Angel for being unapologetically YOU and speaking up for others! It’s clear she’s not the type to just shut up and dribble!

Congratulations LSU on your championship! Check out ESPN for highlights and more! Check out the clip of her explains why she did the “you can’t see me” hand gestures to Caitlin below.

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