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Congratulations To Bambi and Lil Scrappy on their new baby!

Bambi after she delivered their 2nd child

Bambi and Scrappy’s has been blessed to deliver their baby girl! They named her Xylo and she was 7lbs 5oz and from what daddy’s says has a head full of hair! This would be the couple’s 2nd child together but they have 3 total. Scrappy has a beautiful daughter from a previous relationship.

The couple took to Instagram to show the world about their newest blessing. Xylo left the hospital in style! A pretty pink stroller. And flowers from daddy. Scrappy is always expressing how much he loves his family and for now it’s complete.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their beautiful baby girl. Whom they have yet to show her face but being a mother I understand! Bambi is so strong to deliver a healthy baby during a pandemic! We’re praying for their family that everyone stays healthy.

Did I mention how great. Bambi looks! She doesn’t even look like she had a baby! Her snap back game is strong. Scrappy says she pushed their beautiful daughter out in 10 minutes! It’s so amazing what a women’s body can do!

Congratulations again! We can wait to see pictures of her.

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