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Congratulations to Durk and India on their engagement!

Congratulations Durk proposed to India live on stage! Durk has made multiple songs confessing his love for India. And during his concert in front of all his fans, their family, kids and friends he dropped to his knees and ask her to be his wife!

They both looked so happy! It’s no secret how much he’s in love with India, every chance he gets he advocates for their love, her and her business. She was surprised to say the least! Family and her best friends were all there to witness their beautiful moment!

Congratulations! You two deserve all the blessings. They have a beautiful family together and he officially made her Mrs. Banks! It’s like a romantic hood love story! Lol I know every females gone want a ring but what stood out is when Durk talked about much peace India brings him. Being his peace and being there for him in some of his most difficult times. Keep that in mind lady’s I keep hearing a mans heart is where he’s able to be at peace. Congratulations!

Check out more pictures of the Banks Family below. All the kids looked nice! They way they treat each other’s kids you can tell ain’t nothing “step” about it!

Issa fiancé! Congratulations again love

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