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Congratulations to the King LeBron James!

Congratulations to the King LeBron James on his Space Jam movie! LeBron had the opportunity to recreate a classic. LeBron along side of his son starred in a cartoon animated classic movie!

Space Jam will World premier July 16th! This Friday in a Theater near you. LeBron rented out a movie Theater for his IPromise students and their family members this Thursday! LeBron has ALWAYS given back to the community of Akron and we ALL appreciate him. He’s basically ALL OUR Cousin. And we don’t play about him! Thank you Bron for all you do!

LeBron has always Display phenomenal character on and off the court! He has provided scholarships, bike give aways and so much more for Akron. He’s a great role model to millions of people! Even through his traumatic upbringing he still remains humble and bless others! Providing opportunities to children and their families. LeBron has purchased multiple apartment complexes and provided homes for his students.

We in Akron truly appreciate you and your family for everything you do! We stand by you always and forever! Check out more pictures below from the world premier in Los Angeles of the new Space Jam movie! We love you LeBron!

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