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Crazy In Love; Season Two!

Crazy In Love season two has been announced by Zeus Network! Blueface and Chrisean Rock are back for another season! The couple recently announced their expecting a baby! The two have a roller coaster love story. Rock stared on Blues Bad Girls Club and became his artist. As the fans saw more of the duo, speculations started that it was more to the relationship.

Fans learned the two were doing more than making hit records! The drama spilled over into social media with their personal disagreements. Family issues and more! They decided to give fans a glimpse into their world. Telling their love story, the good, bad and ugly! Season one was full of drama. We saw Blue get confronted by Chriseans family over their social media fights. Later in the show fans saw Chrisean getting into with Blues family. The drama seemed to never end with them. Yet they stood by each other side. Confronting their family. The two decided to stay together despite how everyone felt.

Will their love survive? After announcing their pregnancy Blue began to deny their baby! Causing Chrisean to have mixed emotions about moving forward with the pregnancy. She shared with fans even though their in a “toxic” relationship she had already terminated about 3 or more pregnancy. Her mental health couldn’t stand to enduring that treatment again.

Zeus know what they people want! Will they love over come the obstacles of the entertainment industry? Will they stay together and be a family? Tune in to next season to find out. Only on Zeus Network!

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