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DeAnna Kay Birthday Trip to Atlanta

Happy birthday to the CEO of December 2nd a Queen was born under the Sagittarius sign. Beautiful, energetic and optimistic with a deep soul. This year I wanted actually enjoy my birthday. I haven’t celebrated in two years due to COVID-19. The world was on lock down and last year I wasn’t feeling it. This year I wanted to have fun and network! Expanding my brand is my goal.

As you all know I’ve been doing radio for over three years and for the past two years have been on my own. I do YouTube channel for motivational videos and have my blogging website. I still do advertising, host events, red carpet and was a presenter at the Ohio Entertainment Awards. My website is to advertise businesses and report on trending topics and events. Email me if you need advertising.

I’m very thankful for everyone who decided to work with me. I network with as many people as I can! Networking has helped me so much with my career! I’m also a radio personality on The Morning Mix with Speaker Leakers radio! Every Thursday morning 10am. I’m so grateful for my team. They allow me to be myself. Work their events and supports me when I’m book for other events as well. Follow our Instagram and follow everyone in our bio.

Now about my trip to Atlanta! I had a fucking ball. Everyone was really friendly especially since it was my birthday. They kept the drinks coming lol. But I didn’t spend my whole time drunk, I went to different restaurants and visited a few Museums. I also left my business cards just about every where!

Things were a little rocky when I arrived due to unfortunate events but I didn’t let that stop me! Day one I just grab food and went to a low key bar. I was in bed by 12. I was so tired. I had been up since 7am that morning! I visited downtown ATL underground, unfortunately due to covid not much was happening m. So I decided to eat at Anatolia Cafe Bar and Hookah lounge. And walk around. Visit a few businesses in the area. Unfortunately I saw a lot of homelessness. Prayers to everyone I tired to give a few money but wasn’t able to help everyone. Sending prayers to the homeless community, it seems like it’s a crisis there.

I also visits ask visited a Holistic Shop. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name. If I do I’ll update my blog but it’s about two shops down from the cafe I visited. They sell crystals, incense, hookah, tart cards and much more.

During my visit to the underground I found a very interesting museum. She creates sculptures out of yarn. It was very unique pieces and powerful art work. I was in love with her work!

Another few great places to visit would be the Trap Museum which displays some of the hottest artists who contributed to the Trap music culture. The Culture Experience was dope as well. The 90s theme show cased black cartoon characters. Martins living room, Martin Luther king and more!

I went alone but the staff at both places took pictures for me! They were all so helpful. I took so many pictures and they never complained about how many pictures I asked for! The Trap Museum offers drinks as well. They have a full bar with different drinks but you have to drink it all before leaving and you keep the cup.

One of the restaurants I went to was called the Boogaloo. I made it to happy hour and it was a great experience! The staff was nice. The chairs at the bar are swings! Everyone brought me drinks and the restaurant gave a complimentary birthday shot for all Sagittarius in the building. I order fish, broccoli and Mac and cheese. The food was great. Drinks were good and not watered down. Staff and guest were so nice to me. I appreciate it. Thank you I can’t wait to come back. After 10pm it turns into a club vibe, which was perfect for me.

Last but not least I had to go to the famous Magic City Strip club! Now I won’t post pictures due to the privacy of the lady’s that work there. Over it the entertainment gets a five star! The women are beautiful. I had a great time. Thank you ATL for the wonderful birthday experience. I also visited the Phil’s plaza it’s basically one of their malls.

I didn’t plan on traveling alone but I got canceled on last minute. So to stay safe I sent my location to my sisters and never told anyone I was alone. I lied and said I had friends on their way when someone asked! Remember not to get to drunk! Know when it’s time to go! And stay safe.! I’ll be doing a Vlog soon on my YouTube channel but overall I can’t wait to come back. I want to visit the new Black Wall Street down there. Unfortunately I heard about it once I got home! But over I enjoyed! Happy birthday Sagittarius

Be all you can be! Chase your dreams! I networked and left my business cards every where I went. I pray this opens new doors for me! Atl I’ll be back…

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