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Drake says he’s coming to Akron!

Drake says he’s coming to Akron! Drake and LeBron celebrated the launch of LoBos 1707 in Canada! LoBos 1707 is officially being sold in Canada! During a heart filled speech Drake announced he would be donating $1 Million dollars to LeBron James Ipromise School and personally dropping it off!

That’s amazing! Promise school was started by LeBron James in our home town Akron, Ohio.

“The I Promise School’s mission is to positively affect the lives of children and young adults through education and co-curricular educational initiatives. We believe that an education and living an active, healthy lifestyle is pivotal to the development of children and young adults.” (IPromise mission Statement)

Drake announcing his donation at to LeBron press play m

Do you think LeBron will have a whole event welcoming Drake to his hometown? The two have been friends for a while now. Very supportive if each other. Drake is often at LeBron’s games as well as LeBron’s Jr games. Now teaming up on their launch of LoBos 1707 Canada.

Congratulations LeBron! You know we will always support you at We (Akron) appreciates all that you do! Thank you for being a man of your word and creating better opportunities for the next generations. You said you’d never forget where you came from and you’ve kept your promise. Thank you. Just a kid from Akron, Showing Other kids From Akron anything is possible.

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