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Emmett Till’s Killer has passed away!

Emmett Till’s accuser Carolyn Bryant Donham has lost her fight to Caner and passed away at age 88. Carolyn was the women that accused Emmett of whistling at her. Which caused her husband and his friends to drag Emmett out his bed in the middle of the night. These men beat him until his face was unrecognizable.

Many people encouraged his mother NOT to do an open casket but she wanted the world to see what these people did! Prayers to the Emmett family. The system never gave you Justice but maybe her being gone provides some type of peace.

Emmett wasn’t even 16 years old when he was murdered. Unfortunately at the time blacks were fighting for their rights and the court never charged those men or Carolyn for his death. Carolyn was hiding for years! Her family has ties in the police force and politics so they kept her out of sight. Emmett family however wanted her to be charged for what she did. Unfortunately that never happened.

I pray Emmett can finally Rest In Peace.

It’s crazy how school made it seem like segregation and slavery was so long ago. When in fact some of our grandparents and great grandparents lived through this! I have a new level of respect for people living during those times! Long Live Emmett Till

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