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Gervonta “Tank” Davis wins against Garcia

Tank Davis has done it again! He’s still the undefeated champion! Last night on Show Time Davis and Garcia went head to head both undefeated champions. Tank predicted he would “knock out” Garcia in the seventh round!

Davis came out to Chief Keef love Sosa and fans knew he didn’t come to play! The whole T-Mobile Stadium in Las Vegas Nevada was sold out! Celebrity’s, who’s who and former Boxing Champions came out to watch one of the most important matchups of their career. Either boxer had never lost a fight and had fans on the edge of their seats! The anticipation was high on both sides.

In round one Garcia was quick and held Davis on the ropes. Both opponents studying each other’s fighting style. In round two things heated up as the two fighter got more intense with their punches. Davis caught Garcia with a left uppercut and knocked him down!
By the seventh round both fighter were standing strong. Garcia landed a few punches to Davis but a body shoot to the ribs had him Garcia dropping to his knees!

Garcia couldn’t recover from the body shot and was out after a ten second count down by the referee. Overall the fight was amazing! The two shook hands, hugged and took a selfie after the fight. Davis and his team celebrated his win. Check out the highlights on Show Times Instagram page!

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Congratulations Tank!

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