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Good Morning Vibes…..

Good morning my beautiful people. I pray your day is going well. Today I woke up late, so my day started off rushed. For whatever reason my mind started to wonder about unnecessary past situations. Situations I been laid to “rest” wanted to creep up and irritate me more! NOPE not today I pushed them thoughts where they belonged and turned up my music. I then stated three positive things! So I have this thing; whenever I have a negative thought I must replace it with three positive thoughts or three things Im thankful for. (Good out weights the Bad)

Fast forward to me doing a quick troll through my Facebook story. One of my friends posted a very great vibrational song! I looked it up on my computer and the energy was great! The tone, the melodies flowed so effectively. The song spoke about gratitude. Being thank for for the small things.

Having a home. Being able to take a got shower, laying in a bed. Having food, and basic settle may seem minor but to a person without the basic life needs thats major. Remembering to always show graduate and be thankful. It could be worse. Count your blessing and work towards better if thats what you desire. Check-out “Grateful” By Ebony Jenae and spread good vibes! The bless don’t stress, never lose faith and work hard!

Have a blessed Day Loves…

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