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Guess Who’s Baller Baby this cutie belongs too!

Omg this Baby is so beautiful. Let’s see if you can guess her parents. So here’s some hints. Her father is a Music mogul. He’s been in the music industry for decades. He’s already a father to his beautiful children. He’s changed his name multiple times. He’s the CEO of a recording company. Her mother works in cyber security. Can you guess who???

If you guessed Diddy you’re correct! Diddy posted some more pictures of Baby Love smiling. She’s so beautiful. Her mother is Dana Tran. She’s in the cybersecurity industry. Fans were shocked when Diddy revealed he had a new baby! Of course blogs did some research and found the mother. Lol nosey ass’s.

Baby Love is a new favorite baller baby. She’s baby number seven in the Combs Family. I’m sure she’s very loved and with be protected by her older siblings. The Combs family is one family that sticks together.

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