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Happy 26 Birthday Lori Harvey

Happy Birthday to Lori Harvey she turned 26 today. Lori is a model, and entrepreneur. She’s well known in the industry for modeling, and her dating life. Lori has been spotted with some of the industry’s top tier celebrities. Although there’s a lot of Speculation about her dating life Lori never confirms nor deny’s the rumors. Until recently when she cleared the air stating she never dated a father and son. Media blogs reported she dated Diddy and his son, Lori says that’s a lie.

Media reports are now saying she’s dating Damson Idris. The lead star in the hit series Snowfall. Damson posted Lori on his story cuddled up holding her butt and kissing her cheek. Fans went wild! Could this be her new lover or just a friendly birthday shout out?

The internet so messy it pulled up pictures of Demson and Michael B Jordan. (Lori’s Ex) We all know Lori is not the type to stay in a relationship if she feels it’s not for her anymore. It’s unclear if the two are men friends or just took a picture together at an event. Since their both in the elite circle it’s not unlikely that the two will run into each other at an event and just took a picture.

Either way Happy Birthday and enjoy! I know you’re having your way!

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