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Happy 2nd Birthday Kashton

Happy 2nd Birthday Kashton! Kash celebrated his 2nd birthday with family and friends. He’s so handsome and full of life. He’s so smart and already a star. He recently went on stage with his super star mommy Kash Doll and he wasn’t scared at all. It was a arena full of people and he wasn’t shy. He even said hi to the fans on the microphone.

Happy Birthday Kash and many more! It’s amazing to see Kash Doll be a mom. She’s a talented artist and have always been a hustler so to see her in mommy mood is beautiful. Real Kash Doll fans understand lol. She wrote a beautiful message to her baby boy Kash. Auntie Kendra and uncle Payroll Giovanni and their beautiful daughter Khristian was in attendance as well.

check out more pictures below from his birthday party.

Happy Birthday and many blessings to you and your family. Check out some pictures from when Kashton was little below.

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