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Happy Belated Birthday Mulatto

Happy 22nd Birthday to Mulatto! She had a beautiful 1920s theme birthday bash. She looked great in a white gown complimented with diamonds. All the hottest celebrities were in the building of course.

Everyone looked as if they had a great time! Mulatto has made her stamp in the industry and she’s not stopping yet! She’s work with some of the best artists in the industry. She’s crowned herself “Queen Of The South”!

She looks great! She’s very talented. She speaks her mind and doesn’t have a issue showing gratitude towards artists who came before her. Her energy she bring in her performances and songs shows she works hard.

Check out her new video “Sex lies” featuring Lil Baby! It’s fire. They both look great and she featured Jayda as Lil Baby’s leading lady.

Happy birthday again and much success..

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